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Customer information

Customer information about Connected Wind Services' business continuation during the COVID-19 pandemic

January 25, 2021

Dear Customers,

the spread of the corona virus (COVID-19) also forces us to take precautions in our business operations in order to prevent the virus from spreading any further, as well as to keep operations running as smoothly as possible.

According to public recommendations and current developments, we have introduced strict measures to protect everyone, our employees, customers and suppliers. Depending on the situation and needs our business sections of technical support, sales and marketing work from their home office. The surveillance and the operational service division act as follows:

Connect 24/7 (surveillance):

  • The surveillance of your wind turbine(s) is currently fully guaranteed
  • Faults that can be remotely reset are processed in the usual quality
  • Faults that cannot be reset are forwarded to the technical service

Operative service:

  • Malfunctions in your wind turbine(s) are identified, started up and remedied
  • All planned work will be carried out as far as possible
  • Our service employees can still be reached at their contact details mentioned in their signature

We kindly ask our customers not to show up at the wind turbines, while maintenance services are carried out and if showing up, to keep the recommended distance of at least two meters for everyone's safety.

Safety precautions have been taken for our entire company premises in order to keep the risk of infection as low as possible. In the warehouses necessary work is done in shift teams that do not have contact with each other. Shipments and receipts also take place without physical contact. While the operational service is still being carried out, any commercially motivated travel is on a minimum level and only allowed in urgent cases and if the situation on site and at the travel destination concerning the COVID-19 development allows this.

Visits to our branches are not possible without prior notice, however, as usual, the service is available either by phone, by e-mail or via digital communication channels (Teams, Skype, etc.).

If you have any questions or anything else, we can help you with our receptions will be happy to support you with further orientation. All contact information can be found here:

Our customers are of the utmost importance to us; thus, we will keep you up to date on the current status.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation in these difficult times.

On behalf of the management


Connected Wind Services A/S