All you need

Better asset protection; greater yield

Extend your service warranty package 
Whether your service package includes scheduled preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance or unscheduled repairs, you can count on a determined effort to get the most out of the full life cycle of your wind turbines. Our goal is to maximize the yield on your wind turbines.

Count on the highest QHSE standards
Rest assured, we maintain the highest level of safety with technicians who possess the highest GWO training standards. Furthermore, we live up to maximum quality standards – often even going beyond original specifications as a natural result of our focus on the full life cycle.

High uptime, longer lifetime
Connected Wind Services protects and prolongs the lifetime of your assets with the highest availability and the maximum yield. Our service cars are always manned by two experienced GWO certified technicians who know how to maintain and optimize the operation of your wind turbine model. What’s more, 24-hour surveillance means that should problems arise, we are ready to take action to keep your wind turbines up and running. In fact, wind turbines are upgraded continuously throughout their product lifetime.