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Connected Wind Services adapts to the needs and requirements of the utilities and operators in the European wind energy market

With more than 25 years’ experience in the renewable energy sector, Connected Wind Services A/S (CWS) adapts to the needs and requirements of the utilities and operators active in the European wind energy market.

The global wind energy market is diverse, rapidly developing, maturing and undergoing changes and industrialisation. There is a clear trend towards larger wind turbines, increasingly heterogeneous assets, industrialisation along the value chain and more advanced technologies. At the same time, many differences exist across countries and regions due to a number of factors: different political agendas; incentive structures; geographical topologies; operator heritage; ownership structure and strategies the age profile of the installed wind capacity in the various countries; and the market shares of wind turbine brands and types etc. 

Common across all countries and regions is the fact that incentive schemes are being reduced as the wind energy market matures. Furthermore, renewables assets are increasingly participating in the energy grid market mechanisms, dealing with the national and international energy market requirements. Renewable assets cannot rely on fixed tariffs any longer.

As a consequence of the changing market conditions and requirements in the wind energy sector, operators of wind turbines and wind farms are under increasing pressure to reduce the cost of their operation and maintenance (O&M) during the entire lifetime of their wind turbines, while, at the same time, they need to improve the performance of their installed wind energy producing assets.

Furthermore, operators have to deal with the respective energy market mechanisms and requirements of the various countries in which they are active, e.g. participating in auctions, forecasting of the production, trading of the produced energy, etc. Simply put, the energy production has to be matched with the energy market requirements.

Flexibility is a must in the wind energy industry
As the wind energy market develops, the regulations change, the technology matures, and the individual countries continue to have their differences as mentioned above. All this demands an enormous flexibility from the wind energy producing utilities and operators. ‘Flexibility’ is the key word in the wind energy market: to compete profitably, utilities and operators have to be flexible and act in a flexible manner. This, in turn, requires the same level of flexibility from other parts of the entire value chain, in particular from the service providers to the wind energy markets. 

Wind turbine operators need service partners, who provide and support the required flexibility. They need service partners with the relevant technical competencies and they need service partners with local competencies and presence, irrespective of the country in which the wind energy assets of the operators are located. 

Wind turbine operators are increasingly looking for a partner of choice, who has a special focus on reducing the full lifecycle cost and increasing the performance of wind turbines at the same time. The partner of choice must provide integrated, high value services and wind farm management. All of this is necessary to ensure the best possible asset yield and revenues at the lowest cost as well as a sustainable lifetime support to their investment. 

Increasingly, utilities and wind turbine operators are realising that independent service providers (ISP) are better positioned to assist them in these requirements to achieve the required returns on their wind energy investments.

Flexibility, technical knowledge, energy market knowhow and the ability to adapt to individual customer requirements are key benefits of an international ISP. 

Connected Wind Services
Connected Wind Services is one of the preferred European ISPs, servicing a large number of utilities and wind turbine operators across Europe on the most common wind turbine brands and types.

Founded in 1987, and most likely the first ISP in the global wind industry, Connected Wind Services performs scheduled services directly to utilities and operators on more than 1,800 wind turbines throughout Europe, and is furthermore a subcontractor to scheduled services and service projects to a number of wind turbine manufacturers in Europe.

Connected Wind Services’ headquarters are located in the former Nordtank and NEG Micon facility in Denmark, and covers the European market with service bases in several countries across Europe.

Knowledge, flexibility and high standards on QHSE
Knowledge, flexibility and the ability to adapt to the individual requirements of utilities and operators is key to the success of Connected Wind Services. Furthermore, Connected Wind Services puts a particular focus on QHSE. They maintain the highest level of safety with technicians possessing GWO safety training, living up to maximum quality standards and often even going beyond original specifications. 

Offerings: flexible solutions for the full lifecycle
Connected Wind Services works closely with its clients to assist them in getting the most out of the full lifecycle of their wind turbines. The offerings of Connected Wind Services are divided into the following three business areas: 

1) Service maintenance
Service teams with dedicated service technicians, based in Denmark, Sweden and Germany, have the capacity to maintain wind turbines across a variety of brands and types across borders in all of Europe. Some attributes of Connected Wind Services’ service maintenance business area are: 

  • Highest QHSE standards;

  • Basic and modular service models;

  • Scheduled and unscheduled services;

  • Strong service network: 50+ service teams;

  • Large customer base: 1,800+ wind turbines in service;

  • 24/7 surveillance and condition monitoring;

  • Direct service contracting to utilities and operators;

  • Indirect subcontracting through wind turbine manufacturer;

  • Technical administration; and

  • Commercial administration. 

2) Service projects
Connected Wind Services’ clients take advantage of an experienced service projects organisation and one of the largest in-house refurbishment factories in Europe, based in the former Nordtank and NEG Micon factory. Connected Wind Services has more than 25 years’ experience, extensive knowledge resources and strong local presence in delivering service projects all across Europe. Some attributes of Connected Wind Services’ service projects business area are: 

  • Highest QHSE standards;

  • Main component repair, refurbishment and replacement (gearbox, main shaft, generator, rotor, blades, blade bearings, nacelle, yaw gear, controller, high power, etc.);

  • Delivery and onsite exchange of plug and play drive train systems;

  • Retrofits and upgrades;

  • Specialist on gearbox refurbishment and replacement;

  • Wind turbine and component inspection;

  • Decommissioning and wind turbine refurbishment; and

  • Re-installation and commissioning.

3) Main components and spare parts
Apart from offering services, Connected Wind Services has also built a reputation as a responsive and high quality source of main components and spare parts in retail for a large variety of wind turbines. Typical customers for the retail products are wind turbine manufacturers and other independent service providers, as well as utilities and operators with in-house service teams. 

As the independent service provider with probably the largest components and spare parts inventory on the market, as well as an in-house ability to refurbish discontinued main components and spare parts, CWS has a large stock of critical items to get their clients’ wind turbines quickly up and running. 

Due to their extensive base of more than 1,800 wind turbines across brands and types, Connected Wind Services has acquired an extensive supply chain for components and spare parts, and has the ability to support, identify and source most main components or spare parts needed. Some attributes of Connected Wind Services’ components and spare parts business area are:

  • More than 5,000 items (SKUs) in stock;

  • Components and spare parts for most wind turbines;

  • Access to new, upgraded and discontinued components and spare parts;

  • In-house refurbishment factory, one of the largest in Europe;

  • Plug and play drive train solutions with new or refurbished factory mounted auxiliary equipment;

  • Stock of critical items for minimising downtime and maximizing energy output;

  • Technical support to identify the correct component or spare part; and

  • Specialist in gearbox refurbishment.

Carlos Christensen,
Connected Wind Services A/S

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