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We offer extensive wind turbine services

Dedicated to advancing the transition to sustainable energy

At Connected Wind Services we are dedicated to advancing the transition to sustainable energy. Not only do we challenge the current service solutions and explore new innovative ways to reduce complexity, we also optimize the operation of wind turbines by combining our vast knowledge and experience with progressive thinking.

Our turbines are situated across Northern Europe, this makes it possible for us to serve you regardless of your wind farm’s location in Europe. We offer extensive wind turbine services to all of our clients, whether it is decommissioning, retrofitting, an up-tower repair or a wind turbine upgrade.

We have been pioneering wind turbine services since 1987, and we believe in direct and transparent communication with our customers. At Connected Wind Services we wish to help businesses advance, and our partners to build a sustainable foundation for the future by providing state of the art wind turbine services.

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Connected Wind Services Danmark certified with ISO45001:2018

Connected Wind Services Danmark reached ISO45001:2018 certification in 2023…


Connected Wind Services Sweden signs a Full-service hybrid agreement with EnBW

Connected Wind Services Group is proud to announce that the Swedish entity has signed a Full-service hybrid agreement on 43 Vestas V90 turbi…


Connected Wind Services Denmark signs full scope service agreement with Vattenfall

Connected Wind Services Denmark is to deliver full scope service on 32 Siemens 2,3 turbines, owned by Vattenfall, in Denmark.…


CWS is to maintain all Envision Energy wind turbines in France

CWS has signed a frame work agreement on service and maintenance with Chinese Envision Energy.…


EnBW acquires seven wind farms in Sweden

EnBW acquires seven wind farms with an installed output of 105 megawatts just a few months after the foundation of a subsidiary in the count…


Connected Wind Services acquires service company in Denmark

Connected Wind Services acquires service company Concept Wind Service in Denmark…

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Rune Høy

Head of Aftermarket & Procurement
Connected Wind Services Danmark A/S

Stefan Piorek

Sales Manager
Connected Wind Services Deutschland GmbH

Simon Wernersson

Project Manager
Connected Wind Services Sverige AB