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Service & Maintenance

Is CWS a multibrand ISP?

Yes, we do O&M on a wide range of models and brands.

Does CWS also work offshore?

Yes, we do both O&M and service projects offshore.

Can I have a single point of contact as a client with CWS?

Yes for sure, we have dedicated service managers for all our O&M clients.

In which countries does CWS offer O&M contracts?

Currently we have O&M contracts in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and France.

Does CWS offer 24/7 monitoring of our WTG´s?

Yes, we have our own 24/7/365 manned surveillance set up.

Service Projects

In which countries does CWS offer service projects?

We work globally on service projects and supply of parts.

Can CWS provide supervision?

Yes, CWS has many highly experienced supervisors available.

Can CWS provide service projects for all WTG types?

No, but being a multibrand ISP, we can handle it for most common WTG models.

Does CWS have in-house tools for changing main components?

Yes, we have special tools for a wide range of main component exchange activities and for a large variety of WTG models.

Can CWS provide a plug 'n' play solution, including people, crane, parts etc.?

Yes, CWS has done this exact type of scope many times.

Does CWS buy old and/or defective WTG´s?

Yes, we buy occasionally various WTG's for stock.

Components & Spare Parts

Do you deliver worldwide?

Yes. We have customers all over the world, e.g. Jamaica, Japan, France, Spain & US.

What is your lead time?
  • In stock: 1-5 working days
  • Standard: 8-14 days working days
  • Urgent: 3-7 days working days (Extra cost: €135 excl. shipping cost)
Can CWS provide spare parts for all WTG types?

Being a multibrand ISP, we can handle it for most common WTG types.

Up-tower repairs

Does CWS offer plug 'n' play gearboxes?

Yes, CWS has many years of experience in supplying plug 'n' play solutions.

Can CWS offer to sell the main components as exchange sale?

Yes, CWS offers both exchange sale (taking the return unit as exchange) and direct sale.

Does CWS also do up-tower repairs/exchanges on gearboxes?

Yes, CWS has long experience with up-tower repairs and developed tools and procedures for a long range of specific gearboxes.

Does CWS have stock of directly available gearboxes and main shafts?

Yes, CWS has a long list of units available for immediate delivery.

Can CWS offer to store client owned gearboxes including needed preservations?

Yes, CWS has made this service available to many clients during the past years.


Is the 24/7 a real manned set up?

Yes, the 24/7 is a real 24/7.

Can CWS provide an app for the surveillance?

Yes, we have this option via our Connect 24/7 app.

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Can CWS provide this service for multiple WTG brands?

Yes, we have many different controller models and WTG models connected to our 24/7.

Our application process

In which languages can I apply to Connected Wind Services?

You can hand in your application in the following languages:

How can I submit an application to Connected Wind Services?

You can submit your application to us either in paper form or digitally by e-mail.

Which documents are needed for the application?

Please send us your CV, a short letter of motivation and your verified qualifications.

Do I have to attach a photo to my application?

You do not have to apply to us with a photo. We need your CV and your verified qualifications.

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