Employee story

Bernd Knop

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I can share my knowledge and my experience

Service technician at Connected Wind Services Deutschland GmbH

My job interview with the former boss Lutz Helm was at his home in his workshop at a leisurely cup of coffee. We talked about my career and the future of Windservice NF. So it was very informal.

When I went from REpower to Windservice NF (which later became Connected Wind Services) in August 2008, I knew that I belonged here. My tasks have become very versatile from maintenance to large components exchanges of wind turbines of different manufacturers, assembly and disassembly as well as troubleshooting and interference elimination. This makes my job very extensive and diverse.

Usually we get our work and our colleagues for the week assigned in advance , the required material is pre-packed in the warehouse, we just need to pack the necessary tools and drive off. Staying abroad is as much a part of it as working on assembly in Germany or close to home.


I particularly appreciate that the disposition considers our personal needs. If you for example need to be close to home for family or appointments, they will always find a way to satisfy both sides.

I can share my knowledge and my experience in the wind industry in the technical support with my colleagues and also get to take over the scheduling of my team, troubleshoot remotely at wind turbines and allocate the right spare parts for the weekend.

Since we look after several types of wind turbines it is never possible to stop learning. You always learn something new and find improvements when working. The teamwork with the colleagues is consistently positive. You have a lot of fun and a good atmosphere at work. In case of discrepancies we always find a solution.