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Christian Heinze

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"Learning by doing" was announced every day

Service technician at Connected Wind Services Deutschland GmbH

On August 1th 2015 I had my first training day as a mechatronics technician at Connected Wind Services. On this day began also my training and thus a new stage of life. Right in the first week, I got all sorts of courses and trainings necessary to do the job. From the second week on we went straight into working life, travelling with my colleagues throughout Germany looking after turbines, doing maintenance, troubleshootings, safety checks and exchanges of main components or dismantling of various turbines.

Especially in the first year of training, I was the only one in the vocational school who was always allowed to work on turbines. In the other companies working on turbines didn’t start before the second year of training. "Learning by doing" was announced every day and every morning was exciting again, as I never knew what to expect on this day. Improvisation is also a good keyword. Making the most of the situation, always having a spontaneous idea and being able to implement it. Walk to the office in the morning or call when you're on assembly and find out at which turbine troubleshooting needs to be fixed or where maintenance is required.

Exam preparation for both the Intermediate Exam and the Final Exam was done together with other companies’ trainees, so I didn’t have to face this hurdle alone. The workload seems to be a lot and I personally had some doubts whether that was really the right thing for me. But in connection with all others who were facing the same situation, it was clearly manageable, because everyone wanted to pass the exam successfully and thus we helped each other, wherever we could.

At the beginning of 2019 I successfully completed my apprenticeship. Even before the exam, I received a written guarantee for my job in Rantrum, which made it much more relaxed to go through the exam and not have to worry about job hunting afterwards.

I personally like very much that we are often on assembly during the week. I am young, I like to travel and am always happy when they ask me: " Can you do some assembly next week?".

People who say that everything always works fine for their company, nobody would really believe that ... and it would also be boring and not exciting anymore. But when you spend your breakfast break on the roof of a turbine and the sun shines on your face, you know what a nice job you have.