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Tobias Hjortmark

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I have now worked for 10 years at CWS and it has been a fantastic trip

Operational Team Manager at Connected Wind Services

In the past I have looked at wind turbines that appeared in the surroundings and thought, "It must be exciting to work with wind turbines, but you probably have to have a higher education to work with them.” I worked as a service technician in the port industry, but one day I’ve been asked if I wanted to start working as a service technician for wind turbines and the choice was obvious.

I have now worked for 10 years at CWS and it has been a fantastic trip. Just in the first few days I already felt that the possibilities within CWS and the wind power industry were endless. The opportunities in CWS and its industry were much more than I could have predicted.

As a service technician I face new challenges every day and I learn how to solve problems that arise on a wind turbine. The personal reward you feel after solving an advanced problem is enormous. The development opportunities for my part have been fantastic and I have been given the opportunity to work with most things in the wind industry from service and fault repair to large and complex main component exchanges.


The journey within CWS never ends as the opportunities for further development continue. Today I am a service team manager and I’m responsible for our technicians. I’m involved in the work done by CWS Sweden. Every new day is challenging and the friendship and team spirit within CWS makes you feel involved and needed. My journey within CWS and the wind power industry continues towards a new exciting future every day.